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Why Rent furniture?

Renting furniture is both cost effective and a convenient alternative to purchasing furniture for most temporary living situations. Buying furniture can be a burden when you plan to live somewhere for a short time between six months to a year or two.

It may be better to rent the furniture you need and avoid paying for shipping or purchasing in a new location. Also, when your temporary situation is up, you don't have to deal with moving furniture before you leave.

Companies find that renting furniture for employee transfers, relocation, and other corporate temporary living situations is both a financial and convenent alternative.

Furniture Rental for Homes and Apartments

Swift Furniture Rental offers quality furniture for rent, and provides service during your rental period... Contact the Professional Furniture Rental Service in Oregon Serving most Oregon communities since 2003.

View our Furniture Only, Furniture and Housewares, and discounted Student Furniture Rental Packages - From AFFORDABLE FURNITURE to high quality EXECUTIVE style FURNITURE, we have everything you'll need.

  • Rent Furniture
    We deliver and set up furniture in your house or apartment and are available to service your needs during your rental period. We rent everything needed from houseware and appliances to a complete package.

    When you're finished we pick up all items.
  • Buy Furniture
    New and Used Furniture For Sale
    Occasionally we have FURNITURE SALES typically of USED FURNITURE, contact us for details.